Palatable Pizza: A Game of Anxiety and Pizza

TO Jam #12: What Twelves Below

During the 2017 TO Jam: What Twelves Below, I worked as a floating graphics artist for 3 teams. For one of the games I had the pleasures of working with Kat Pavlov, Braydon Beaulieu, Patrick Greatbatch, Mic Fok, Jonathan Levstein, and Robby Duguay, or also known as Team Pizza On My Mind. The team had the clever idea of making a pizza game where each topping would come with an anxiety during social situations. At the end you can bake all of those thoughts away! As someone who has to face anxiety at a daily basis, I found this game very soothing.
I helped the team come up with all of the 2D assets for the game, which were buttons, modal, speech bubbles and the characters. Sadly, due to time constraints not all of the assets made it into the game, but I was happy to have the chance to work with these amazing crew; they are all very talented and capable! I felt very lucky to be part of the team Pizza On My Mind!

The game can be played at the Jonathan's page! If you have time, you can click here to play it on your browser! Disclaimer: please mute your speakers if you're at work, the game comes with sound!
You can also check out other team's amazing creations here!

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