Sedimentris ROM Jam 2016

About This Project

This was done during 2016 ROM Game Jam.
I've had the pleasure of working together with my talented friends once again for this amazing opportunity! Over the course of a weekend we were asked to create a game based on Royal Ontario Museum's up and coming permanent gallery called The Dawn of Life on Earth: The World Before Dinosaurs

This Jam's hope was to be able to create a game to go together with their Dawn of Life Permanent Gallery!

It was really great; probably the best food I've had to try during a Jam (don't get me wrong, I'll still never say no to pizza) and I've got to win a cool new t-shirt to swim in for being able to spell hallucigenia.

Because I usually always float during ToJams, it felt really great to be part of a team during a longer Game Jam! It was an amazing experience.

Click Here to go try out the game, or click on the Project Url link below!

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